Announcing Lumo Play 4!




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    Chris Norman

    When updating it seems to forget a license is installed on the machine.  This now means the license needs deactivating but can't be done as the software won't load without one.  If updating I would deactivate license first.

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    The new version of Lumo Play changes how (and where) license data is stored on the local computer. Previously all license data, games, playlists, etc... were saved inside each individual Windows user's account settings. This meant that for multiple Windows users on the same computer you would need multiple licenses, or you would need to create a shared user account that everyone would use to run Lumo Play.

    Lumo Play 4 moves the license, game cache, playlists, etc... into a common shared directory, making it accessible to all Windows users registered on the local computer.

    We designed the new version to automatically detect if the user installing the new version has an existing Lumo Play license, and if so, migrate it over to the new location and new format.  This means you don't need to deactivate your license when installing the new version, provided you're installing it while logged-in as same Windows user account that you used with the old version of Lumo Play.

    If you encounter problems upgrading to Lumo Play 4, or find that your license data is not being migrated properly, please contact us about the problem.

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    Chris Norman

    Thanks for the update.  This was installed on a system with only 1 user as the system is dedicated to being used for Lumo Play.  I think something has gone amiss when upgrading from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 as the data was not moved.  I am now dealing with your AMAZING (and I mean that) customer support team.  


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